Development & support

Engineering & Technology

Soucy has started a major optimisation program to increase the track capacity over the next 5 years and to remain the world Leader of CRT technology and manufacturing. By collaborating closely with our customers’ and using the latest designs of CRT, Soucy are adapting the configuration (geometry) to comply with vehicles ranging from 4mT to 55mT. Soucy’s ability to adapt to a continuing changing market reflects the creativity and ingenuity of our Engineers.

Soucy have access to a variety of tools and facilities for the development of our products:

Stage Gate
Development process

In order to minimize product development time, Soucy use its own stage gate development process that ensure collaborative work in an agile and customers focused environment.

Each Stage is requiring the execution of activities to bring new ideas into production while reducing the risk of missing our customer needs. Each Gate is used to validate and test the outcome of each Stages and ensure it meets the requirements.

Tools used in developement stage

3D Scanners

A tool allowing three-dimensional reconstruction of a vehicle to facilitate the analysis and development of products that are perfectly adapted.

3D design software

Solid Edge and Unigraphics

Modelling and FEA Simulations

Calculation using the Abaqus software. Over the years, our teams of specialist developed expertise in the field of:

  • Non-linear dynamic explicit​
  • Structural implicit FEA​
  • Flexible Multibody Dynamic​
  • Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (soft soil)​
  • Hyperelasticity​
  • Heat Transfer​
  • Non-Linear Viscoelasticity​
  • Rubber Characterisation/ Rubber Material Models​
  • Structural Optimization (Tosca)​
  • Matlab, Python

The Validation and Testing process is conducted in three phases:

Virtual Simulations

Using the Abaqus software technology, Soucy can test and validate designs prior to producing the first prototypes, this allows Soucy to develop extremely complex simulations resulting in time and cost savings.
Even more using a variety of simulation models, we can improve product performance and durability by: ​

  • Finding appropriate compound development targets​
  • Placing the right compound at the right place​
  • Studying and Optimizing: (track/stiffeners geometries Optimizing Heat build up​ of components Studying Track/Sprocket — Interactions​ Drive lug wear​ Drive lug skipping​ Guide lug wear​ De-tracking​ Cracking​ Rolling Resistance)

Test Benches (IMAGES)

These tests are developed to meet specific needs of our customers, they allow Soucy Engineers to test complete track systems without interruption.

Usual test bench evaluation on track include:

  • Transverse, lateral and longitudinal stifness
  • Ratcheting reistance
  • Guide climb
  • Internal belt delamination
  • Delamination over wave (DOW)
  • Tread overeating
  • Stiffeners resistance

Physical Testing

Soucy own a large testing facility for physical tests that re-create the various conditions and environments that our products may face. For internal physical testing and validations, Soucy also maintain a small reference fleet of military vehicles. Soucy’s All Weather Driving Circuit (AWDC) has several different types of terrains and obstacles that can be utilised for testing and validation. This allows Soucy to be confident that the final product will meet customers’ requirements.

Academic Partnerships

Soucy partners with universities and Research Center to develop synergies that improve strategic knowledge in all our field of activities. These synergies enhance design of new products development and promote innovative ideas.

Need to know more?

Integrated Logistic Support

Soucy are renowned as the global leaders in Composite Rubber Tracks (CRT) and also our product service and support. Our Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) solutions are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

We provides specialist-trained personnel to support each and every program, both virtually and in country, during the procurement phase and when the product is in service. In addition, our retrofit upgrade programs prolong the service life of the our customers vehicles.

We pride ourselves for our all-inclusive service ensuring uninterrupted provision of spare parts and availability throughout the entire product life cycle.

Experienced CRT specialists compile specific maintenance concepts and user-friendly User manuals for our all our CRT users.

Equipment Support

Soucy provide all required Equipment Support (ES) for our customers. This includes Special Tools & Test Equipment (STTE), designs and guidance required for the installation and recovery of CRT.

Battle damage Repair Kits

Soucy have designed a Battlefield Damage Repair (BDR) Kit to allow vehicle crews the ability to self-help and in the unlikely event of track damages or ruptures. BDR kits are specifically designed to suit individual vehicle types and can be utilised for approximately 100 kms at 30 Km/h. The BDR is for emergency use and is a onetime use product.

Nitrogen Filling tool

Soucy’s collapsible tensioner is constructed of two chambers, the first containing grease the second nitrogen. Soucy have designed a Nitrogen filling kit for users to “charge” the nitrogen chamber upon delivery of the tensioners.

Airbag Lifting Tool

The airbag lifting tool is used in conjunction with an airline compressor to raise the vehicle the required height to fit a CRT. It can also be used in workshops where no other means of raising the vehicle is available. The airbags can be used in pairs to increase the vehicle lift and are calibrated to suit the Gross vehicle weight of the vehicle.

Training Support

Soucy have a systems approach to training to ensure training is current and meets the needs of the end user. Soucy follow the A.D.D.I.E instructional design model to capture and evaluate all training requirements.
  • A — Review learning objective and establish learning outcomes with the end users to meet their learning needs.
  • D — Design customised contents for the end users to achieve desired outcomes.
  • D — Develop courseware using effective training methodologies and activities to meet the learning outcomes
  • I — Provide pre and post course administrative support. Manage the conduct of the course, including provision of conducive learning environment and training aids for optimal training.
  • E — Assess the training effectiveness through course validation. Feedback received will be acted upon to further enhance future training.
Soucy offer training options for users throughout the lifespan of CRT:


  • Operators Course — This is the basic training package provided to the initial users of CRT. Soucy provides all the training aids and literature required to conduct the course
  • Train the Trainer (T3) — This course is conducted for the more senior mechanics or those identified by user groups as potential in house instructors. Students on this course will be assessed to ensure they have enough knowledge to cascade the training to other users.
  • Continuation Training — Soucy understand the personnel turnaround within militaries where knowledge may be lost, therefore a continuation training package is provided to ensure users remain both current and competent.

Technical Support

Soucy provide a comprehensive User Manual that ensures that all customers are fully competent in the operation and maintenance of CRT it contains the following:
  • Installation Instructions
  • Operating Instructions
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Inspection Process
  • Condemnation Criteria
  • Shipping, Handling & Storage
  • Spares Parts List
Additional Technical Support:
  • 24 Hr technical support
  • Access to Soucy Engineering Resource
  • Battle Field Mission Guidance
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Durability Estimation of Components
  • Integration assistance
  • FEA Finite Element Analysis
  • Technical Bulletins (White Papers)